Many voters are very annoyed about their wish for the Referendum for Great Britain to leave the European Union. They did not want any deals, made under the EU terms.  Nothing about a deal being made was on the refrendum voting chit.

But all the political parties deceitfully said that’s what the voters wanted, They the political parties, all wanted to remain in the EU as it better their chances   of becoming very wealthy.

In fact it was against the British citizens wishes and British law for the government to entrap Britain  into a dictatorship. and hand British sovereignty over to a foreign run dictatorship.

The 12th December election was a shame as it was made into a fight against communism verses capitalism. The majority of citizens voted for the Tory party. Now we have a very deceitful party in power. Remainers.

WE have now 17.8 million citizens very, annoyed and very let down.  People Power is tailored as  group of lobbyist.  With our any leaders at the moment I am setting up the tools to put pressure  on to government.

Setting up committees, our power will be our vote, There of course is much more to the plan. So please keep an eye on this website.