‘Bee’ a lobbyist and join out organisation, it take just few minutes of your your time.

A single bee is ignored but when millions club together even the bravest run in fear. The one thing governments fear is the day we stand together.

Pleases come and join us and help our Lobby group be a huge hive.

Our policies are:

  • 1. Ending political corruption
  • 2. Changing the electoral system to ensure Parliament is more representative of the people
  • 3. Challenging the power of the unelected House of Lords.
  • 4. Cleaning up the easily abused system, of postal votes on demand.
  • 5.  Making the civil service,  serve the public.
  • 6.  Support our Military and veterans
  • 7.  Stop the politicization of the Media.
  • 8. Disallow foreign ownership of media news publication and split up present monopolies.
No political parties will make any changes that will take away their power. Their politicians will never allow it.