Finally the website has been migrated to

Its been a bit of a struggle to get the website onto our VPS grease lightning SLL server. With our other Britishpeoplepower domains pointing to the new installation. Our dedicated server is based in Silicon Valley USA and is backed up with an automatic generator to ensure its online 24/7.


Setting up the lobbying platform.

I will be setting up a way any visitor to this website can draft a petition. Plus bulk email to any politician or groups of politicians.

I have already setup a how to find a politician or a lord. and find a public department. I do have have lots more to do like register, as a lobbyist group. that actually may not be needed.

I have covered a lot of ground today. I am also getting a help desk, to sort out a few issues concerning the server software.  The site is new that’s always a problem, when I can not get at the server software, script myself.


Many voters are annoyed about their main wish, for Great Britain to leave the European Union, they did not want any deals, made .  Nothing about a deal being made, was on the referendum voting return paper.

But most of the British political parties deceitfully said, we voted for a deal. They the political parties, all wanted to remain in the EU, as it better their chances of becoming very wealthy.

In fact it was against the British citizens wishes to even join  the European Union. That was not decided by a Referendum. It was even is against our law of which was ignored. Our governments politicians wanted to join the so called gravy train. As they ALL see it as a way earn far more money, if they got a privileged job in the European Union.  So our politicians see nothing wrong, at the time, for government to entrap Britain  into a dictatorship. Handing British sovereignty, over to a foreign run dictators.

The 12th December election was a disgrace, as it was made into a fight against communism verses capitalism. Not a needed change, in real fair governance.

The majority of citizens voted for the Tory party. Now we have a very deceitful party in power, whom are really Remainers.

WE now have  17.8 million citizens very, annoyed and feeling, very let down.  People Power is tailored as  group of lobbyist.  With out any political leaders.  At the moment I am setting up the tools to put pressure  on to governments and suggested policies, Setting up committees.

Our power will be our vote, There of course is much more to the plan. So please keep an eye on this website.